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St. Paul

Although he was not one of Jesus’ close circle of students, Paul
became an Apostle as a result of his divine calling, thereby
taking on the heavy burden of spreading the Gospel. His task
was particularly important for the religion of Love, Christianity.

Paul was fortunate in that he combined three elements essential to the role
he was assigned. First he was a Jew, characterised by a fighting spirit and a streak
of stubbornness, secondly he had a Greek education, spirit and soul,
and third he was a Roman citizen, with an open passport in a vast empire
that reached the limits of the known world at the time.

In 45 AD the two Apostles Paul and Barnabas, accompanied by Mark,
travelled from Antioch to Silesia and from there sailed by ship to Cyprus,
arriving at Salamis, the largest port on the island at the time. (Acts 13.5)
In Pafos-Cyprus they managed to convert the Roman Proconsul who
embraced the Christian faith thereby making Cyprus the first country in
Mediterranean Sea, the world to be governed by a Christian.

Follow in his footsteps and visit the places where St. Paul preached
and spread Christianity.

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