Mosaics of Pafos

The Mosaics of Pafos were discovered in 1962 by a farmer, who came across the first mosaic, while plowing his field. They are considered among the finest in the world and can be found in the Archaelogical site of Nea Paphos (UNESCO). The Mosaic Floors are part of 4 Roman-era villas, House of Dionysos, Theseus, Aion and Orpheus and portray scenes from the Greek Mythology.
On the mosaic floor inside the House of Dionysos, you will see hunting scenes, and at the entrance, the mythical sea monster Scylla is depicted.
On the mosaic floor in the House of Theseus, you will see the Minotaur. Other mosaics include Poseidon, Amfititri, and Achilleus.
In the House of Aion, you will see the most spectacular mosaics. It has 5 scenes that show the birth of Dionysos, Lyda and the Swan, a beauty contest between Cassiopeia and the Nereids, Apollo, and Marsyas, and a Triumph of Dionysos
In the House of Orpheus, you will see Orpheus surrounded by animals playing his lyre, Hercules and the Lion of Nemea and the Amazon.
In Paphos Archaeological Park you will see other monuments from prehistoric times through the Middle Ages, like the Asklipieion, an agora, an odeon, a basilica, and a theater.