The site (Necropolis of Nea Pafos) is located 4km from our hotel.The tombs cover an area of 1.2 m2 at the North part of the city. Their name comes from the magnificent burial monuments, some of which are of the Doric order.The Kings' Tombs were the burial site of important politicians and magistrates who lived in the capital of Cyprus during the Ptolemaic period.
Directly on the beach of Chlorakas village, the St.George hotel is just five minutes drive from the picturesque harbour of Paphos and 20 minutes from the airport. The St. George’s Church and Boat, two historical landmarks of the area, constitute an integral part of the hotel’s design and its grounds.
The island’s tradition in wine making is well known, since here is the place where the oldest wine label in the world exists until today, the Commandaria.
Within all tourit resorts in Cyprus, Paphos is a jewel, a superb combination of a beutiful scenery, historical sites, a picturesque port with fishingboats, an old castel, taverns and outstanding archaological sites that enchant the visitor.
The Mosaics of Pafos were discovered in 1962 by a farmer, who came across the first mosaic, while plowing his field. They are considered among the finest in the world and can be found in the Archaelogical site of Nea Paphos (UNESCO). The Mosaic Floors are part of 4 Roman-era villas, House of Dionysos, Theseus, Aion and Orpheus and portray scenes from the Greek Mythology.
Hiking begins from Avakas Gorge following the road St. George Peyeia - Toxeftra for 2.5km heading east where the bay of Toxeftra begins. The altitude is 47m and the length of the hike 1.2km. It will take you around 2 hours to complete it.
Coral Bay is a Blue Flag beach located in the area of Peyia. It is 500m in length and considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.
If you follow the wine road Laona - Akamas you will have the chance to taste the famous white wine Xynisteri among other varieties that taste like the sea breeze.
The museum's exhibits include: Icons (sacred images venerated in Churches and homes of the eastern Christianity...
From the hotel, Ayios (Saint) Neophytos Monastery is not very far, and there are several ways to reach it - each one of them an interesting drive. You can take a little excursion through Pegia (Peyia) Kethikas, Stroumpi Tsada (all worth seeing), turning right for Tremithousa and thence back northwards to Agios Neophytos.