Wine Road - Dhiarizos Valley

The island’s tradition in wine making is well known, since here is the place where the oldest wine label in the world exists until today, the Commandaria.
And while the same ancient grape varieties are being cultivated and villages still produce wine in the old way, the wine industry of the island has evolved, modernized and expanded.
When you visit Paphos you will be happy to discover a series of charming wineries and viniculture areas.

Come on a fascinating trip around the Dhiarizos Valley, through green landscapes and scenic vineyards, where you will discover the less known viniculture part of Dhiarizos Valley, which is located on the east of Paphos.
Austere, yet incredibly rich, this route passes through 14 foothill villages and gives you the opportunity to visit two important wineries.
The wines produced in this area are remarkable. In your path you will get acquainted with 18 different grapevines, with most important the so-called Mavro, which is a red grape variety.

This route passes through the following areas: Paphos, Acheleia, Kouklia, Nikokleia, Choletria, Stavrovouni, Kelokedara, Salamiou, Mesana, Arminou, Filousa, Agios Nikolaos, Praitori, Kedares, Agios Georgios, Mamonia and Fasoula.