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Wine Road - Dhiarizos Valley

Explore the rich winemaking tradition of the island, home to the oldest wine label in the world—the Commandaria.
Experience the evolution of the island's winemaking traditions, where ancient grape varieties continue to be cultivated, and villages maintain the age-old methods of wine production. When you visit Paphos, immerse yourself in a delightful journey through charming wineries and picturesque viniculture areas.

Embark on a captivating trip around the Dhiarizos Valley, meandering through lush landscapes and scenic vineyards on the east of Paphos. Explore the lesser-known viniculture gems of Dhiarizos Valley, passing through 14 foothill villages and visiting two significant wineries along the way.

This austere yet remarkably rich route introduces you to 18 different grape varieties, with the notable Mavro, a red grape variety, taking center stage. The areas covered include Paphos, Acheleia, Kouklia, Nikokleia, Choletria, Stavrovouni, Kelokedara, Salamiou, Mesana, Arminou, Filousa, Agios Nikolaos, Praitori, Kedares, Agios Georgios, Mamonia, and Fasoula. Discover the exceptional wines produced in this region and indulge in the unique flavors of Cyprus.