Avakas Cocktail Bar - St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort
Experience the ideal setting for casual conversations and delightful cocktails, complemented by ambient background music or live performances in a relaxed and stylish atmosphere. Elevate your social moments in a chic and inviting venue designed for a perfect blend of conversation and enjoyment.
Semeli Wine Bar - St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort
Delve into the diverse wine palette that Cyprus presents, savoring each sip against the backdrop of a spectacular sunset view from our wine bar's terrace. Immerse yourself in a unique wine-tasting experience, where the flavors of Cyprus come to life amid the beauty of a captivating evening sky.
Boulevard Patisserie - Cafe - Bar - St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort
Indulge in the refined ambiance of our upscale patisserie-café-bar, where freshly-baked donuts and muffins take center stage. Enhance your experience with specialty coffee creations and milkshakes. Throughout the day, savor a diverse selection of cocktails, branded spirits, beers, soft drinks, and juices, ensuring a delightful journey of flavors in a chic and welcoming setting.
 - St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort
Irida Pool Bar - St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort
Discover relaxation at Irida Pool Bar, your ultimate destination to bask in the sun and enjoy refreshing cocktails along with a tempting selection of branded spirits and local snack specialties. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance, friendly service, and delectable snacks, making it the perfect retreat for leisurely days of unwinding and indulgence.
Aeolos Pool and Swim-Up Bar - St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort
Experience leisure at Aeolos Pool and Swim-up Bar, where guests can unwind with a refreshing swim while indulging in delightful drinks. Our swim-up bar is the ideal spot to savor a fruity cocktail, bask in the sun, and appreciate the beautiful surroundings. Elevate your relaxation with the perfect blend of aquatic enjoyment and tropical libations.
Sunset Beach Bar - St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort
Immerse yourself in serenity at our enchanting beach bar, providing breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea alongside a diverse array of specialty coffees and cocktails. Unwind in our inviting atmosphere, where the soothing sounds of the sea create the perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation.