Chlorakas - Paphos, Cyprus

Nestled along the Chlorakas beach, St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort in Paphos, Cyprus, offers an idyllic retreat situated conveniently between two of the island's most sought-after destinations: the vibrant city of Paphos, just 6 km away, and the renowned Coral Bay, a mere 7 km distance. Swiftly reach these captivating locales by car or utilize the efficient public transport options available.

Guests can effortlessly explore the golden sandy beaches of Coral Bay, celebrated for their beauty, or delve into the historical wonders of Paphos, home to UNESCO heritage sites that showcase the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

For travelers arriving by air, Paphos International Airport is a mere 18 km from the resort, ensuring a seamless journey. Alternatively, Larnaka International Airport is accessible at a distance of 136 km, both easily reached by car. Discover unparalleled comfort and accessibility at St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort, where the allure of Cyprus awaits just beyond your doorstep.

Coral Bay - St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort
Coral Bay
Situated a mere 7 km from our hotel, Coral Bay Beach beckons with accessibility both by car and public transport, ensuring a seamless journey within 10 minutes. Avail yourself of the convenient and frequent Bus 615 service, operating every 15 minutes to and from the Coral Bay resort, offering hassle-free transportation.

Coral Bay stands out as the premier choice in the Paphos area, catering to families with young adults, and couples alike. With its clear shallow waters and fine golden sand, the beach provides an ideal setting for visitors of all ages. Notably, Coral Bay has earned the prestigious Blue Flag certification, underscoring its commitment to excellence in environmental standards. Experience the allure of Coral Bay just moments away from our hotel, where relaxation and seaside bliss await.
Paphos - St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort
Just 6 km south of our resort unfolds the enchanting city of Paphos, an integral chapter in Cyprus' rich history and culture. Serving as the ancient capital, Paphos boasts a plethora of archaeological wonders, transforming the entire city into an open-air museum. Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of the refurbished old city market, a treasure trove of shops and restaurants.

For seamless exploration, both Paphos Harbor and Paphos Market are easily accessible via the efficient public transport service (Bus:615), ensuring a swift 10-minute journey with buses running at a frequency of every 15 minutes. Delve into the heritage of Paphos, conveniently located just a short distance from our resort, as history and modern convenience converge in this cultural haven.