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Chlorakas - Paphos, Cyprus

St George Hotel in Paphos Cyprus, is located at the beach of Chlorakas in between of the two most popular resorts of Cyprus; Paphos (6km) and Coral Bay (7km). Both resorts can be accessed within minutes by car as well as public transport. There is a frequent bus service to and from Coral Bay, famous for the sandy beaches and the city of Paphos, known for its outstanding UNESCO heritage sites.

Paphos International Airport is only 18 km away and Larnaka International airport is 136 km. Both airports are easily accessible by car.

Coral Bay - St. George Hotel Spa & Beach Resort

Coral Bay

Located just 7 km from the hotel, the Coral Bay beach can be accessed by car and public transport within 10 minutes. There is a regular bus service (Bus:615) that operates every 15 minutes from and to the Coral Bay resort. Coral bay is the most popular choice in the Paphos area and is suitable for families, young adults and couples. It has clear shallow waters and thin golden sand. The beach is suitable for all ages and it has also gained the blue flag certification.
Paphos - St. George Hotel Spa & Beach Resort


6 km to the south of the resort lies the beautiful city of Paphos. The city is a substantial part of Cyprus' history and culture. The ancient capital of Cyprus demonstrates numerous archeological sites, in fact, the whole city is an open air museum. The refurbished old city market will capture your interest where several shops and restaurants are available .Paphos harbour as well as Paphos market can be accessed by public transport (Bus:615) within 10 minutes. The service runs every 15 minutes.