Sun Loungers Allocation

At St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort, we redefine the art of relaxation with our dynamic Sun Loungers Allocation System. Designed to enhance your stay, this system ensures that your beach and poolside experience is seamless and personalized from the moment you check-in.

Effortless Allocation:
Upon check-in, our guests are promptly allocated a sunbed by our attentive pool attendants, taking into consideration the current availability and creating a hassle-free start to your leisure-filled stay.

Flexibility for Your Comfort:
Recognizing that preferences may change, we offer the flexibility for guests to adjust their sunbed allocation. Should you wish to change your spot, a simple contact with our pool attendants will set the wheels in motion, as they go above and beyond to accommodate your requests according to the sun lounger's availability.

Personalized Service:
Our pool attendants are dedicated to ensuring your comfort. Feel free to communicate your preferences or special requests, and they will do their best to fulfill them. Whether it's a change in location, additional amenities, or a specific view, your satisfaction is our priority.

Fair and Attentive Allocation:
Our Sun Loungers Allocation System operates with fairness and attentiveness. Every effort is made to fulfill guest requests, ensuring that each visitor has the opportunity to enjoy their preferred spot by the pool or on the beach.

At St. George Beach Hotel & Spa Resort, our Sun Loungers Allocation System goes beyond mere allocation; it adapts to your needs. From the moment you check-in, we prioritize your relaxation, offering a personalized and seamless experience that caters to your desires. Unwind, enjoy, and let us redefine your leisure experience at our resort.