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Mosaics of Pafos

Unearth the extraordinary Mosaics of Pafos, a discovery made in 1962 by a farmer plowing his field. These exceptional mosaics, among the world's finest, grace the Archaeological site of Nea Paphos (UNESCO). The intricate Mosaic Floors adorn four Roman-era villas—The House of Dionysos, Theseus, Aion, and Orpheus—depicting captivating scenes from Greek Mythology.
Explore the captivating mosaic floors of Nea Paphos, featuring exquisite artwork within the House of Dionysos, depicting hunting scenes and the mythical sea monster Scylla. The House of Theseus showcases the Minotaur and mosaics portraying Poseidon, Amphitrite, and Achilles.

Immerse yourself in the House of Aion's spectacular mosaics, presenting five scenes that unfold the birth of Dionysos, Lyda and the Swan, a beauty contest between Cassiopeia and the Nereids, Apollo and Marsyas, and a Triumph of Dionysos. The House of Orpheus unveils mesmerizing mosaics with Orpheus playing his lyre, surrounded by animals, alongside depictions of Hercules and the Nemean Lion, and the Amazon.

Venture into Paphos Archaeological Park to discover a treasure trove of historical monuments from prehistoric times through the Middle Ages. Explore the Asklipieion, an agora, an odeon, a basilica, and a theater, providing a comprehensive journey through the rich history of this UNESCO site. Uncover the mosaic wonders and historical landmarks that make Paphos an enthralling destination for history enthusiasts.