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Tombs of the Kings

Our hotel is conveniently situated just 4km from the Necropolis of Nea Pafos. Located in the Northern part of the city, these tombs, named after the magnificent Doric order burial monuments, are a significant historical site.

The Kings' Tombs served as the final resting place for influential politicians and magistrates during the Ptolemaic period in the capital of Cyprus. Explore this rich historical site located near our hotel and delve into the fascinating legacy of the past.
Discover a rich history at our hotel, just a short distance from the ancient cemetery used during the Hellenistic and Roman period (2nd century BC - 2nd century AD). This burial ground also holds significance for early Christians.

Excavations in the city began around 1915-1916, with systematic exploration of the necropolis starting in 1977 and lasting until 1990. The cemetery boasts a variety of tomb types, from simple pit tombs to complex shaft tombs with corridors and burial chambers. The most striking are the tombs with peristyle atriums, featuring underground rectangular atriums supported by Doric pillars, similar to those in Macedonia—the birthplace of the Ptolemies.

Evidence suggests these tombs once adorned frescoes, reminiscent of those found in Macedonia and the renowned Macedonian tombs in Vergina. Explore the architectural wonders of this historical site near our hotel and delve into a fascinating journey through time.
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